Critical health service – blood donors

CallZila act as a Savior for public emergency needs most importantly refers to blood donors for city dwellers as well as the strangers of the city. It has partnered with , India’s largest blood donor organization.


  • CallZilla is a knight to fight the nightmare of losing your beloved ones.
  • Helps you track the blood donors in a big city like Chennai in no time.
  • Possess database with 3 lakh donors across India.
  • Displays the blood groups on the screen.
  • At a flick spots the location /address/phone numbers of your opt blood group donor.
  • Kicks the trauma of tracking the blood donors at times of emergency.
  • Saves time to save lives of your much-loved ones.

CallZila is all about helping one save time as this is the most difficult resource for one to generate. In this process we also help you save money.

How It Works

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